In the wake of the ripples generated by

Tekno’s nomination in the next rated

category of the Headies 2016 and the

subsequent explanation tendered by the

organizing committee of the Headies. A

couple of grey areas were clarified but a lot

more suddenly pop up when you take a

closer look.

No doubt, the Headies is the biggest

musical award in Nigeria and highly

coveted but it is rather surprising that the

most controversial category is the next

rated category. Could it be the car gift

attached? That’s a question for another

day. The real question remains: Was Tekno

rightly or wrongly nominated? Before I go

ahead and answer that, let’s take a look at

this year’s next rated nominees;

Tekno, Aramide, Ycee, Mr. Eazi and


With all humility, not disrespecting

anyone’s effort, Tekno’s “Wash” and “Pana”

easily trumps the best efforts of his co-

nominees. When you put out a slew of

chart topping hit singles all year round and

get nominated alongside Ycee (“Omo

alhaji”), Humblesmith (“Osinachi”), Mr Eazi

(“skin tight”) and Aramide (“Love me”), it

can be frustratingly annoying to say the

least but all things considered, we can

presume that Tekno will be going home

with the Hyundai. In this recession period,

a free car is a great gift, if it wasn’t,

Olamide and Don jazzy wouldn’t have

started the New Year on a sour note but if

Tekno feels he is bigger than the car, I will

be willing to take it off his hands.

If you ask me, I will say Tekno was rightly

nominated and being nominated means his

hard work is being recognized. What he

needs to understand is that Its not a crime

to be heads and shoulders above your

competitors, after all first class students

share the same facilities with their less

gifted colleagues until graduation,

thereafter the chaff is separated from the


Kudos to the organizers of the Headies for

taking time out of their busy schedules to

clarify things but unfortunately their

answers throw up more questions.

⦁ If putting out an album disqualifies you

from being nominated in the category

(Sorry CDQ), does an EP also disqualify

you? I was wondering why Mr 2kay and

Rayce didn’t get a nod, could it be that

they didn’t submit entries.

⦁ If Reekado banks didn’t put out an album,

would he still have been eligible? And if

nominated and he gets the most votes,

would he have won a second year running?

⦁ Is there a rule or clause that states that

once nominated in a year, you can never be

nominated again or eligible for nomination

again? If no, why is Korede bello and

Cynthia Morgan not on the list? They

didn’t put out any albums and they both

had a good if not great year. Did they also

not submit entries? They must really dislike


⦁ A scenario where Tekno wins the award

this year, then goes on to have a better

2017 having the top 3 singles in the

country without putting out an album, can

he win it twice in a row? What happens if

he does the same thing the third year, a

hat trick of next rateds?

⦁ Is there a set limit for number of years

between your first mainstream single and

the year of nomination? If no, are you

implying that Beazy, Alaye, Niyola, Muna,

Splash and General pype to name a few

still stand a chance in 2017 or 2018?

Those are just the few questions that

readily come to mind. Let’s hope that the

organizers of the Headies will do the

needful to avoid stories that touch this year

and in the years to come